188beat金宝搏官网登录Alpha Manufacturing的最先进的3轴加工中心使我们能够以各种材料的材料进行超复杂的轮廓和形状,并具有无与伦比的精度。为了实现这一目标,我们使用:

Mazak VTC-300CII

The VTC-300 CII is a highly versatile vertical machining centre with a large 2000 mm table cross dimension and high-speed rapid traverse of up to 36 m/min and features a powerful 40 Taper spindle, full travelling column design, and a table centre partition.

Productivity and efficiency are greatly improved as the machine work envelope is separated into 2 work areas. This allows the machine to be in cycle, in one work area, while a part is being set up in the other work area. Fast rapid traverse rates also enable the Mazak VTC-300CII to reduce non-cut times.



  • Table working surface (Length) 760mm
  • Table working surface (Width) 2,000mm
  • Spindle head (vertical travel) Z-axis 660mm
  • 主轴头主轴速度最大(标准)12,000分钟 -
  • 饲料速率快速遍历(x轴)36 m/min
  • Rapid traverse (Y-axis) 36 m/min
  • 快速穿越(z轴)36 m/min
  • 桌子长度760mm
  • 桌宽度2,000mm
  • Automatic Tool Changer Tool storage capacity (standard) 30 tools

英国的CNC Precision工程

Offering the ability to streamline projects and ultimately reduce production costs, Alpha Manufacturing’s UK-based CNC machining facilities cater to a range of project scopes. Investing in industry-leading technology allows Alpha to offer versatility, accuracy and efficiency from project start to finish. Find out more or upload a technical drawing today.



CNC加工is the process of removing material from a solid piece by either drilling, turning or milling until only a desired shape remains. The workpiece is manipulated on either 3 or 5 axis as the tools subtract material according to a pre-determined program.复杂的精度形状can be created from metal by using CNC machining.

Alpha Manufacturing加工设施的概述:188beat金宝搏官网登录



Metal turning is the process of removing material from a rotating part using a single blade to create a cylindrical part. As the piece is rotated, the cutting tool is moved in a direction parallel to the axis of the workpiece.

What is metal drilling?

A rotating tool with either two or four cutting edges is forced down into the workpiece to create a hole.



What machinery is used to machine metal?


At Alpha Manufacturing our machining department consists of:

  • Nexus 250车床机器用于精密铣削
  • Nexus Quick Turn Smart machine for milling and drilling
  • Mazak VTC 300 for vertical machining

The VTC Machine is a highly versatile 3 axis machining centre which can machine more complex profiles at a fast rate thanks to sophisticated features.

What is involved in machining programming?


At Alpha Manufacturing, we recently purchased a new offline programming software called “One CNC” which allows a 3D model to be imported and manipulated on screen. It allows the operator to easily select a surface and apply a process to it. The software will then calculate all of the angles and mathematics which the operator would previously have done.

We currently operate both online and offline forms of programming for machining, depending on the complexity of the parts.


在Al188beat金宝搏官网登录pha Manufacturing,我们主要是机器:

  • 软钢
  • Stainless steel
  • 磷青铜
  • alluminium
  • 一些塑料,例如尼龙和乙酰胶


What are the limitations of CNC machining?

The primary limitation in machining is the manipulation of the workpiece and accessibility of the tools at various angles. Depending on the complexity of the profile, the machine head may need to access the workpiece at multiple angles or Axis.

At Alpha Manufacturing, we currently operate 3 axis and 4 axis machines which offer enough flexibility for the majority of products that we produce. 5 axis machines are available which allow the machine to access the workpiece at more angles along 5 different axis.

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